10:10 - 22/10/2014

Introducing about Quang bao Co.,Ltd


 Dear value customers,

             During the past, Viet Nam is one of leading safe for production foreigner investors. So that Viet Nam become potential market and the most development of Asia. Following those needs, Quang Bao trading technical Co., Ltd was established with aim is supply industrial marking and coding systems machine belong to one of the best company in USA to Viet Nam market, provide for many production industrial. 



             Over 10 years experience in the industry,  Quang Bao trading technical Co., Ltd became a expert supplier and reputation with main products such as: Continuous inkjet printer, Large character inkjet printer, Sealing carton machine, packaging and filling production line... and most the industial machine as requirement. Therefore Quang Bao trading technical Co., Ltd became the first choice genuine partner of the leading production machine in USA, Taiwan as:

  • Continuous inkjet printer – USA / BestCode - USA
  • Large character inkjet printer MSSC – USA / MSSC - USA
  • Sealing carton machine – Taiwan / PackWay - Taiwan
  • Conveyor system – Việt Nam / Conveyor System – Quang Bao VN

             Along with enthusiasm of the business and technican team, rich experience, responsibility and training expert course from genuine company. Quang Bao always ready support the customers somehow. With slogan "Satisfy customers - Save cost" Quang Bao trading technical Co., Ltd toward the maximum satisfaction of the customers from quality's machine include services, provide efficient and the most decrease cost in the production process of the value customers.

           We hope value customers always support us from now to the future, in us you trust and the long term cooperation. 

Sincerely yours !

Print everything - Mark and codes everything 

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