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New tape head - Both side compression rollers - Top mast with cushion - Belt driven with universal bearing - Casters with brake
  • Extension roller table
  • 60 sec. auto-stop
  • Stainless steel structure SUS #304
  • 3 phase, 220/380/415/440V



1 Phase, 110/220V, 50/60Hz

OPP 2"/3" (Please advise when ordering)
Sealing Size

L above 150 x W120~500 x H110~500mm (2" tape)

L above 150 x W145~500 x H110~500mm (3" tape)

Capacity 30 boxes/min. For box length 300mm (Belt speed 20M/min)
Net Weight 155Kgs
Machine Size

L960 x W974 x H1376~1576 mm

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