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Ink range

A range of quick to immediate dry inks have been developed for use with c80 series printing systems. Ink available include MEK, Acetone, Ethanol, and Acetone/ Ethanol blend base inks. Multiple colors are available and a number of specialty fluids for unique applications.

fluid management system.

At the core of EcoTec are BestCode’s proprietary ink tank, reduced cycle pump and twin trap condensing unit purpose designed for CIJ Technology. The ink tank is designed to last the life of the system, eliminating the need to replace at regular intervals. The reduced cycle pump extends pump life and in combination with TempSense lowers fluid operating temperature resulting in lower evaporation rates. The twin trap condensing unit provides two direct drain vapor traps to condense vapors back to usable fluid.

Vapor condensing and reduced solvent evaporation lowers overall ownership cost and reduces interaction time adding solvent to the system.


Extended pump life.

Environment friendly. Reduced solvent consumption.

Lower overall cost of ownership.

Reduced user interaction.

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