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The TJ1000 printhead is a low-cost HP45A cartridge ink jet system with features found in more expensive systems. The TJ1000 is based on thermal ink jet technology offering high-resolution print, easy-to-change ink cartridges and industrial-grade performance features.

The TJ1000 printhead is a low-cost HP45A cartridge inkjet system that features up to 1 inch print height. The TJ1000 is based on thermal inkjet technology offering high-resolution print, easy-to-change ink cartridges and industrial-grade performance features.

Thermal Jet
Controller IJ3000 Hand Held
Touch Screen Display 7" Color
Operator Interface Graphical User Interface, WYSIWYG
QWERTY Keypad Sealed Elastomeric
Enclosure Rugged/Industrial Thermoplastic
Memory 128MB for unlimited message storage
Connectivity 1-Ethernet, 1-USB, 2-RS232
IO Interface No
Auto Codes Time, Date, Use By, Julian, Count, User
Defined, Shifts, Variable Input
Bar Codes UPC, GTIN, I2of5, 128, Code 39, EAN,
UXX, 2D Data Matrix
Logos Bitmap Images
Fonts Arial Standard, TrueType Available
PC Interface 
Windows PC GUI Software Graphical User Interface, WYSIWYG Editor
Networking Software w/Database No
Direct Interface Protocol Provided
Technology Thermal Jet (HP)
Print Height 1/2" & 1" Print Heads
Print Resolution 300 x 300 dpi
Standard Print Speeds Up to 200 fpm
Print Speeds w/reduced resolution Up to 500fpm
Print Options Side, Top Down
Print Distance Up to 1/4"
Ink Systems 
Ink Delivery Cartridge and Bulk
Ink Supplies 42 & 359 ml
Ink Types Porous & Non-Porous inks
Water Based for porous & aqueous
coated cartons, Solvent Based for non-
porous stock
Regulatory Listings TUV (CE/CSA/UL)
Operating Environment 50° F to 104° F (10° C to 40° C)


    • 1" print height
    • Prints text, graphics, barcodes
    • Rugged industrial design
    • Available roller retracting bracketry minimizes dust at the print nozzles while maximizing print quality
    • Onboard photocells trigger print while measuring speed for print rate.
    • Hinged cover provides easy access to ink cartridges
    • Easy snap-in / snap-out method for changing ink cartridge
    • Individual cartridge or bulk ink supply
    • Stainless steel faceplate is durable and cleans easily
    • Can operate in "standalone" mode or tethered to IJHH handheld controller, PC, or direct serial interface
    • 300 dpi vertical and horizontal resolution
    • Print speeds up to 200 feet/minute
    • Channel purge at the printhead for easy cartridge cleaning
    • Industrial DB-9 serial connection to external devices (controllers, PLC's, scales, etc.)
    • Onboard LED's signal cartridge ink level status of "ink low" and "ink out".
    • 5 Standard arial fonts supplied: 1/10", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" or 1"
    • Font conversion program provides access to any Windows font at user definable sizes.
    • Prints up to 10 lines of stacked text
    • Includes "write direct" language for flexible interfacing with external systems
    • Can be daisy chained with up to 8 cartridges for larger print applications.
    • Powered by HP technology
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