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CIJ printer Bestcode 88s

• Specific applications. • White, yellow, micro, food. • Print 1, 2, 3 or 4 lines of text. • IP65 rated enclosure.


Heated printhead

Display 10,4 inch LCD display. WYSIWYG onscreen message editing
Line font 5x7 1 - 4 lines, 32 pixel
Font Matrix Configuration 5, 7, 9, 12, 16, 19, 25, 32 (dot)
Mainboard 32 Bit ARM, 208 Mhz  Processor
Interface connection RS 232
Line in Photocell, Shaft encoder, 8 Programmables - Field programmables input
Line out 4 Programmables Alarm, (open collectors, 150mlA sink), 1 Programmables Dry contact Relay External Power (+24VDC 500mA)
Frame machine Stainless steel 304
Environmental Protection IP 65
Filter life 8000 hour
Temperature/ Humidity range Temperature : 0-50C, 10-90% HR non-condensing
Electric requirements Nominal supply power: 100-240VAC (3Amp), at 50-60Hz, 50 Watts
Standard CE Certified, RoHS Compliant
Edit message/ code Storage message flexible ( over 1000 messages), edit by WYSIWYG, drag/ drop form, print multi language (unicode), download font, integrated edit font software, print anything as real time, expired date, date produce, following lot, shift, count, download and edit image, print continuous number and repeat.
Ink range SmartFill ink / mak up Bottles (946ml)
Fluids containers Ink 2 litters, make up 3 litters
Ink ingredient Dry immediately, full - MEK, Ethanol, Acetone
Ink color Black, blue, red
Smart filter 1 year guarantee
Printhead Umbilical Length 3 meters / Option for longer printhead
Print direction Multi angle
Character height selectable from 6-12mm
Throw distance Range 6-25mm
Speed capability 470 Meters/minute (1500ft/minute)
Approximate weight 20 Kg
Options Alert light, Sensor, frame, Encoder, positive air pump, clear printhead tra
    Engineered solutions for specific applications

    Print 1, 2, 3 or 4 lines of print. Capable to print text, graphics, and bar codes. Systems are enclosed in an IP65 rated stainless steel cabinet for high dust and wash down environments.
    High quality micro printing

    Using a 40 micron nozzle, the system prints very small, high resolution micro characters at near letter quality output.
    FDA compliant 

    Printing is accomplished with FDA compliant inks for printing directly to food products.
    High Speed 

    Using a 50 micron nozzle, the system prints at increased print speeds, producing smaller characters for high speed can and bottle lines
    Yellow micro pigment 
    Printing is accomplished with yellow micro pigment ink providing good contrast codes on dark colored surfaces
    Heavy pigment. White 
    Printing is accomplished with white pigment ink providing high contrast codes on dark surfaces. Specific pump and hardware is employed to ensure long term reliable operation and consistent
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