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CIJ Inkjet Printer White Pigment Fastjet A420

CIJ Inkjet Printer White Pigment Fastjet A420
Printing capability
  • Can print 1 to 5 lines of print at speed up to 300 meter/min
  • Font option: 5x5, 5x7, 7x9, 11x9, 16x11, 24x16, 32x24
  • Maximum print dot: 34
  • Character height: 2-12mm
  • Print distance: best distance 10mm and range 2-20mm
  • Current and expiration time, date coding and shift coding seriallizer
  • Product sensor
  • Printhead stand
  • Maintenance kit
Working conditions
  • Power supply: 200-240 V/50-60Hz.
  • Working Temperature: 5-54 C.
  • Work Humidity: 0-90%.
Approximate Weight
  • Unpacked and dry: 27Kg
  • Packed and dry: 48Kg
Print head & Umbilical
  • Stainless steel printhead dimension:
    • Diameter 35mm,
    • Length 260mm.
  • Umbilical dimension:
    • Diameter 21mm,
    • Length 2.5 meter, or customized
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