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CIJ Inkjet Printer Fastjet A470

CIJ Inkjet Printer Fastjet A470
Printing Capability
  • Print height: 1.2~15mm
  • Print lines: 1~5 lines(5x5)
  • Maximum printing Dot-matrix: 34 dots
  • Printing distance: 2~15mm
  • Maximum printing speed: 320m/ min
  • Input System: Standard American Keyboard
  • Dot-matrix font: 5x5, 7x5, 9x7, 11x9, 16x11, 24x16, 32x24
  • Printhead: temperature in printer head remain,
  • Diameter 41mm, Length 260mm
  • Umbilical: length 2700mm, diameter 21mm bending radius 150mm.
  • Electrictity: 100-240VAC, 50Hz
  • Power: 120W-150W
  • Net weight: 22kg
  • Temperature/ Humidity Range: 5 C-45 C relative
  • Humidity 30-90% frost-free
    • Ink types: dyes, light pigments
    • Ink color: black, red, etc.
    • Special inks: anti-migration, soft pigments, etc., refer to the ink list for details
    • Make up: select according to ink type
    • Cleaning agent: select according to ink typec
*Nozzle bore: 70/60/50/40μm
*Special ink only for A470plus seriesOther Instructions
  • Consumables addition: drawer, spin-type addition
  • Communication function: RS232 serial port, USB interface
  • User fields: QR code, barcode, logo, clock, counter, shift, etc.
  • Messages editing: WYSIWYG editing interface, Chinese Pinyin input.
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