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Bestcode's advantages inkjet printers

Update:11/11/2014 7:54:34 PM


Simplify the user experience. 10.4” color LCD touch interface. Multiple operating languages, designed for a global market.
Minimize user interaction.
Operate multi-weeks/months between adding fluids. Large fluid operating capacities.
CleanStart™ start clean everytime.
Direct solvent injection ensures quick, trouble free startup.
EcoTec™ Fluid Management
Most efficient CIJ printer. Lower operating costs, lower cost of ownership. Environment friendly.
Print Quality.
Exceptional, best in class print quality. Print text, graphics and bar codes. Unicode fonts and font edit tools built-in.
Print Fast.
Faster and Fastest — 3 speed printing.
Fluids. Intelligent, large, quart ink and solvent bottles know their fluid type, and shelf life.
State-of-the-art Electronics.
High performance, high speed, and multi-tasking. Universal print platform.
Ability to integrate into any application. Built-in USB, Ethernet, RS232 and multiple programmable inputs and outputs.
Large extended life
filters provide predictable maintenance. Filters know their installation date and usage life. HEPA air filter. One year filter life.
Maximized uptime with a 40,000 hours MTBF (mean time between failure) rating, backed by a two year manufactures warranty and one year scheduled maintenance, built-in.


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